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  • 10.26.20 Photographic

    Where to Draw the Line

    There’s something almost every photographer, professional or amateur, shoots at one time or another… the sun on the horizon, either rising or setting. The drama, the colors — it’s all there. But one photographer, Sean Basdavanos, brings another component into his shots to make them truly arresting — lines and architectural elements. By emphasizing dramatic […]… Read more

  • 10.20.20 Photographic Portrait

    Who Let the Dogs Out?

    It seems like every family has a fur baby or two these days — and you can never have enough pictures of the family. Pets, especially active dogs, make getting great shots a real challenge. That’s why we asked lifestyle photographer and fur mama, Samantha Brooke, how she gets such compelling pet photos.  First Things […]… Read more

  • 09.16.20 Photographic

    Feeling Blue. And Pink. And Orange. And Red…

    There are few things in the world as dramatic as color. And when it comes to photos, it’s even more true. But how do you squeeze every last ounce of color from the photographs you shoot? Lavina Lalchandani, a travelprenuer and photographer living in Los Angeles, gives us some insight. The Power of Color “Colors […]… Read more

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