Monthly Challenge

To participate in our monthly challenges, upload your photos to Instagram and tag them with the hashtags for the month.

This month’s challenge.

#Zcreators #NeonLightChallenge

Neon Lights

There are few things as iconic as the neon lights that beckon us — from a local shop windows, the side of the road, or even the tops of skyscrapers. Show us your favorite neon lights—tagging your photos with #Zcreators #NeonLightChallenge for a chance to be featured in the gallery.

Next month's challenge.

#Zcreators #CloudChallenge

Clouds have an unmistakable drama and an undeniable allure. That’s why they make such fascinating images. Shoot some clouds — storms brewing, pink streaks at sunset, or lone cotton balls in an electric blue sky — to earn a spot in our cloudy showcase. Just tag your photos with #Zcreators #CloudChallenge for your chance to be featured in the gallery.

Previous Challenges.



Fluid Thoughts Let your mind go where it wants to go, follow its own course, in the hopes of defining “fluidity.” It could mean water, the stream of traffic, or people rushing through the streets. The possibilities are pretty endless.Tag your “fluid” photos with #Zcreators #FluidityPhotoChallenge for a chance to be featured in the gallery.


As 2020 winds down, it’s naturally a time of reflection. We’re taking that idea a little more literally in December’s challenge. Capture reflections you see in your everyday life. You might be surprised how interesting the world is when it looks back at itself.


Midnight Snacks Seeing the world through new eyes is the key to creativity. That’s why, every month, we give you the chance to put your artistic skills to the test with a new challenge. We’ve created a delicious challenge for you this month. Show us what keeps you up at night — food-wise that is! Shoot your yummiest guilty pleasures and inspire us to set the alarm for a midnight nosh. Tag your photos or videos with #Zcreators #SnackPhotoChallenge for a chance to be featured in the gallery.