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Check out online meetups by clicking dates on the calendar below, and follow #Zcreators on our social channels for dates and times of upcoming events. There are lots of opportunities to see what other #Zcreators are up to and share what you’ve been doing.

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December 8th 3:00PM - 4:00PM

On Assignment with Michael Fayehun

Z 6II Sports & Wedding Photography On Assignment with Michael Fayehun. See the images and hear all about Michael's experience field testing the Z 6II mirrorless camera.

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Previous Events

August 11th 2020

Creator’s Hour with Deb Sandidge

Nikon Ambassador and Landscape and Travel photographer Deb Sandidge joins us to share favorite images. Deb will talk to us about the stories behind capturing these images and what it takes to get to the locations she photographs and how to take amazing photos on your travels.

August 12th 2020

IG Live Chat with Alex Rivera

Artist and Creator, Alex Rivera @TheBronxer joins us live to discuss street photography and the role community plays in his work. Be sure to follow @NikonUSA on Instagram and turn on notifications for when we go live!

August 13th 2020

Creator’s Hour with Rod Mar

Nikon Ambassador and Seattle Seahawks team photographer Rod Mar joins us to talk about his favorite and most important images from his career as a sports photographer and photojournalist. Rod will share the stories behind capturing these moments and will talk to us about telling stories through his images.

August 18th 2020

Creator’s Hour with Stacy Pearsall

Award-winning Military Photojournalist and Nikon Ambassador Stacy Pearsall joins us to share the defining images from her career. Stacy will share her experiences traveling the world sharing the stories of combat and the veterans who served.

August 20th 2020

Creator’s Hour with Todd Owyoung

Nikon Ambassador and Music Photographer Todd Owyoung joins us to share his favorite images from a career photographing music artists in concert and in the studio. Todd will talk about how he builds relationships with the artists he photographs and the tricks to getting epic concert photos.

August 25th 2020

Creator’s Hour with Anna Boyiazis

Award-winning Documentary photographer Anna Boyiazis joins us to share her most important images from her career. Anna will tell us the stories behind her images and about her work documenting human rights, public health, and women and girls’ issues.

August 26th 2020

IG Live Chat with Alicia Hansen

Founder and CEO of NYC Salt, Alicia Hansen joins us live to discuss the NYC Salt program and their initiatives for underserved students in the arts. She will share her wealth of knowledge and advice for students interested in creating a future for themselves in visual arts careers. Be sure to follow @NikonUSA on Instagram and turn on notifications for when we go live!

September 1st 2020

Creator’s Hour with Kristi Odom

Nikon Ambassador and award-winning Wildlife photographer Kristi Odom joins us to talk about her favorite images from her career. Kristi will talk to us about the stories behind these images and how she is trying to help the planet through her work.